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  The Concept:

Some say that words can echo the music of the Gods to make people yearn for something lost, which they never owned and can never attain.
  Others insist that words are deceivers, which mask the truth and clothe the defects of the unworthy in bogus splendour.
  Voltimean called his writings 'Music for the soul'. We prefer to believe that what is on offer here is 'more music'.

Dreamers of the Day
Jon A. Gored

The Whole of Dreamers Of The Day

Henry T. Smith

The Whole of Doppelgaenger

Too Boldly Gone
Merik Katuryan

Too Boldly Gone by Merik Katuryan


Brief Candle
Robert Arion

Brief Candle by Robert Arion

The Terminal Man
Philip H. Turner

Brief Candle by Robert Arion

Night Flowers
Philip H. Turner

Night Flowers by Philip H. Turner

Douglas Gramin

my_destiny.etl by Douglas Gramin

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