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Books by Joseph Heller

Born in New York in 1923; died 1999.


1. Catch-22 (1961)
"There was only one catch... and that was Catch-22." Guild Publishing, London. Hbk, 1980 [by arrangement with Jonathan Cape Ltd].

2. Something Happened (1974)
"... the domestic tragi-comedy of a middle-aged New York executive". Vintage, London, pbk, 1995.

3. Picture This (1988)
"Rembrandt is in his studio, painting his famous painting ‘Aristotle contemplating the bust of Homer'. When Aristotle gets ears, he starts to listen. When layers of paint form his mouth, he starts talking. And there's very little Rembrandt can do to stop him thinking". MacMillan, London, hbk, 1988.

4. Closing Time (1994)
Sequel to Catch-22. "...chilling in its depiction of the moral collapse of the Western world as well as very funny in its black comedy." Simon & Schuster, London, hbk, 1994.


1. Joseph Heller (1991) by Judith Ruderman.
Continuum Publishing, New York, hbk, 1991.

2. Brodie's Notes on Joseph Heller's Catch 22 by Graham Handley
Pan Books, London, pbk, 1987

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