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Books by Paul Theroux

Born in Medford, Massachusetts in 1941.


1. Jungle Lovers (1971)
"Hapless westerners in Malawi, a disturbed republic tottering between dictator and agitator..." Hamish Hamilton Uniform Edition, London, hbk, 1971.

2. Saint Jack (1973)
"...a vigorous picaresque novel about a Singapore pimp." Hamish Hamilton Uniform Edition, London, hbk, 1977.

3. The Family Arsenal (1976)
"...a tautly strung... atmospheric London thriller". Houghton Mifflin, Boston, hbk, 1976.

4. The Consul's File (1977)
"A collection of linked short stories about expatriate communities in Malaysia". Houghton Mifflin, Boston, hbk, 1977.

5. Picture Palace (1978)
"There was no one quite like Maude Pratt ... world-famous photo-grapher ... surely it was time for a grand retrospective, orgaised by the parasitic Frank with just a little help from Guggenheim". Hamish Hamilton, London, hbk, 1978.

6. World's End & Other Stories (1980)
His third collection of short stories. Hamish Hamilton, London, hbk, 1980.

7. The Mosquito Coast (1981)
"Set in Honduras, a powerful and resourceful parable of civilisation courting barbarism". Hamish Hamilton, London, hbk, 1981.

8. O-Zone (1986)
"... America in the wake of nuclear leakage, beset by warring tribes of élite Owners and genetically-suspect Aliens ... with New York a kind of Langian Metropolis, fortified against the rest". Hamish Hamilton, London, hbk, 1986.

9. Chicago Loop (1990)
"... the newspaper headlines are screaming of a murderer on the loose, called the Wolfman. His female victims are tied up and .. mauled in aparticularly hideous way. But the police can't find him." Hamish Hamilton, London, hbk, 1990.

10. Millroy the Magician (1993)
"Millroy really is a magician ... a man obsessed, principally with diet, who believes that those who follow the Bible's teaching will be physically and spiritually healthy and will live for 200 years". Hamish Hamilton, London, hbk, 1993. [Signed first edition].

11. My Other Life (1996)
"The conceit of the book is that this is thirty years in the might-have-been life of Paul Theroux". Hamish Hamilton, London, pbk, 1996.

12. Kowloon Tong (1997)
"...sets his twenty-second work of fiction in the dying days of British-run Hong Kong... and charts the unravelling of the stolid Bunt's hitherto well-ordered existence after the death of his business partner". Hamish Hamilton, London, hbk, 1997. [First edition.]

13. The Collected Short Novels (1998)
Includes Murder in Mount Holly (1969); The Greenest Island (1980); Doctor Slaughter (1984); Dr DeMarr (1990); Bottom Feeders (1996); The Rat Room (1998)
"... from a pair of post-adolescent malcontents hiding from their future ... a vulnerable, ageing stripper and single mum who finds God ... a soulless American lawyer who forgoes US citizenship for the sake of profit ... a beautiful young academic who works as a researcher by day and an escort by night; and ... a set of identical twins fated to orchestrate their own self-destruction." Hamish Hamilton, London, hbk, 1998.

14. Hotel Honolulu (2001)
" ...a compendium of travellers' tales, the unhappy life-histories of the hotel's workers and guests". Hamish Hamilton, London, hbk, 2001.


1. The Great Railway Bazaar: by train through Asia (1975)
Hamish Hamilton, London, hbk, Fifth Impression, 1982.

2. The Old Patagonian Express: by train through the Americas (1979)
Hamish Hamilton, London, hbk, 1979.

3. Riding the Iron Rooster: by train through China (1988)
Hamish Hamilton, London, hbk, 1988.

4. The Happy Isles of Oceania: Paddling the Pacific (1992)
Hamish Hamilton, London, TSP pbk edition, 1992.

5. The Pillars of Hercules: a Grand Tour of the Mediterranean (1995)
Hamish Hamilton, London, pbk, 1995.

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