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5. Peaceful Summertime

Peace did descend on Mawson Street periodically during the summer, when our thoughts were dominated by cricketing heroes Hobbs 'n' Sutcliffe and the record-breaking Aussie batsman Don Bradman.
   Alas, budding Bradmans were driven out of Mawson Street as large front windows were in peril from flying tennis balls.
   So we made life a misery for anyone expecting to take a short cut along the entry, where we were acting out test match thrills, with fielders strategically lurking in backyard doorways, and any exuberant batsman who knocked the ball into someone's backyard expected to climb over the wall to reclaim it—a practice effectively discouraged by some householders, who let out their dogs so that most lost balls were chewed beyond redemption before being rescued... ■

© Harry Turner, May 1997

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