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ROMILEY MUSIC GROUP. were taken on a lightning visit to the East at their meeting on September 15th, when Mr. H. E. Turner gave a talk on "Music from the Bazaars," a programme given up entirely to Indian music. Mr Turner gave a detailed description of the instruments used stringed, woodwind, and percussion, demonstrating by means of records the peculiarities of each one. He pointed out the absence of harmony different instruments taking part in the tune. The percussion consist- ing of drums of differing sizes, triangles, bells. etc., plays a very important part in accom- panying the melodies, often using complicated cross- rhythms. In the first five or ten minutes of the programme, amused expressions could be seen on many faces, but after a short time, ears became more attunted to the peculiarities of scalic system and the bizarre instrumentation. It came as a surprise to most to learn that the film industry in India is second only to Holly- wood. Their pictures are mainly "musicals" dealing with the myths and legends of the East. and are three to four hours in length. Medleys of some of the film music were played. Mr,. Turner's easy and charming manner and his deep knowledge of the subject very quickly claimed the attention of his listeners who showed their appreciation in no uncertain manner when called upon by the president, Mr. W. Butterworth. ■


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