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Trapped Sun by Harry Turner, 1966Apportionment-2 by Harry Turner, 1966
"Trapped Sun", 1966, acrylics on canvas"Apportionment-2", 36" x 24", acrylics on board, 1966
Blue, Turning Grey Over You by Harry Turner, 1970Green Dervish by Harry Turner, 1971
"Blue, Turning Grey Over You", 22" x 30",
acrylics on canvas, 1970
"Green Dervish", 1971
Blue Bangor Boogie by Harry Turner, 1971Bangor Boogie-Woogie by Harry Turner, 1971
"Blue Bangor Boogie", 36" x 36",
acrylics on canvas, 1971
"Bangor Boogie-Woogie",
36" x 36", acrylics on canvas, 1971
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Unicursal Life-Line by Harry Turner, 1972
"Unicursal Life-Line", acrylics on canvas, 1972
Four In One by Harry Turner, 1974
"Four In One", 30" x 30", acrylics on canvas, 1974
Oops! by Harry Turner, 1976
"Oops !", 1976, acrylics on canvas, size 30" x 20", (or 76cms x 51cms)
Inside/Outside by Harry Turner, 1976

Lester Leaps In by Harry Turner, 1971

above: "Lester Leaps In", acrylics on canvas, 1971

left: "Inside/Outside", 1976, acrylics on canvas     

Re: "Inside/Outside", Harry Turner wrote:
"I recall this one was exhibited at an Arts Guild show at the Stockport Art Gallery, and was the centrepiece of the wall behind the local worthies assembled for the opening ceremony. The Mayor spent some time ranting about abstract art, apparently unaware that this work was towering over him in a disapproving sort of way. So it goes."

This Work Temporarily Removed by Harry Turner, 1975Constructivist Baroque by Harry Turner, 1979
"This Work Temporarily Removed", 1975,
printed paper & board, size 12" x 17"
"Constructivist Baroque", 1979
Impossible Object Construction by Harry Turner
Impossible Object Construction, undated
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