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In the 1970s, Harry Turner start to make a partial catalogue of his paintings on colour slides. Having acquired a scanner which handle transparencies and negatives as well as documents, Romiley Arts Federation's archive staff are able to extend the scope of this section of the memorial website to include a selection of this material.
Planet 1 by Harry Turner, 1971
Planet 1, 1971
Green Dervish by Harry Turner
Green Dervish, 1971
Cyclops by Harry Turner
Cyclops, 1973
Sierpinski's Castle by Harry Turner
Sierpinski's Castle, 1976
Planet 2 by Harry Turner, 1971
Planet 2, 1971
Planners' Paradise by Harry Turner
Planners' Paradise, 1974
Garden Gallery, Harry Turner
Sierpinski's Soliloquy, 1976
Blue Bangor Boogie by Harry Turner
Blue Bangor Boogie, 1971
Four In One by Harry Turner
Four In One, 1970
Blue, Turning Grey Over You by Harry Turner
Blue, Turning Grey Over You, 1970
Dervish Harry Turner
Dervish, 1967
Trapped Sun by Harry Turner
Trapped Sun, 1966
Sun Trap 4 by Harry Turner
Sun Trap-4", 1966/67
Apportionment 4 by Harry Turner
Apportionment #4, 1967
Apportionment 2 by Harry Turner
Apportionment #2, 1966
Apportionment 3 by Harry Turner
Apportionment #3, 1966
Portrait of K, Accusers of K by Harry Turner
(left) Portrait of K, (right) Accusers of K, 1974
Transformation 1 by Harry Turner
Transformation 1, 1976
Conjuring Trick - Oops! by Harry Turner
Conjuring Trick – Oops!, 1976
Inside/Outside by Harry Turner
Inside/Outside, 1976
Unit Structure by Harry Turner
Unit Structure, 1969
MV Monte Umbe by Harry Turner
MV Monte Umbe, 1973
D.O.U.S.S. by Harry Turner
D.O.U.S.S., 1972
Garden Gallery, Harry Turner
Red Progression variation
Torsion-1, 1970, Harry Turner
Torsion-1, July 1970
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