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Sketches made in Bangalore, India during RAF service in 1946
Indian SketchbookIndian Sketchbook title page by Harry Turner
Tree, Bangalore by Harry TurnerTree, Bangalore by Harry Turner
Trees in Bangalore, 1946
Lurkers, Bangalore by Harry Turner Cattle, Bangalore by Harry Turner Pots, Bangalore by Harry Turner
Residents of Bangalore & possessions, 1946
Predictions Told By Palmistry by Harry TurnerBullock with yellow house! by Harry Turner
"Predictions Told By Palmistry", Bangalore, 1946"Bullock with Yellow House!"
Indian woman carrying water by Harry TurnerSketching in India by Harry Turner, 1946
Indian woman carrying water"The joys of sketching in India", Bangalore, 1946
Temple details, Bangalore by Harry Turner
Temple details, Bangalore, 1946
Temple detail, Bangalore by Harry TurnerMarket traders, Bangalore by Harry Turner, 1946
Temple detail, Bangalore, 1946Market traders, Bangalore, 1946
Market traders by Harry TurnerMarket traders by Harry Turner, 1946
Market traders, Bangalore, 1946
RAF Arts & Crafts Certificate covering letterRAF Arts & Crafts Certificate
Pokhari temple by Harry Turner

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