Incidental Pictures of Romiley (Part 1)
A journey through time and space with an Aiptek PenCam
featuring pictures left over from the lamp post study

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09: Hot June becomes soggy July

This is the mini-park at the junction of Sandy Lane and Compstall Road after a torrential downpour. Drainage has never been one of Romiley's strong points, and the free swimming pool is filling up nicely.


10: Putting the flowers out.

The council has decided to brighten Romiley up even further by adding summer flowers to the ranks of shiny new black lamp posts.
   In addition to hanging baskets on the odd new lamp post, and the single-decker planters at the bottom of Sandy Lane (below), we have this magnificent planter opposite the old people's flats on Compstall Road.
   There is another one of similar size and magnificence outside the Life Centre on Stockport Road and a third at the main entrance to Romiley railway station.


11: Ground levels planters.

There's probably a road-safety issue involved, but the planters at the crossing point at the foot of Sandy Lane have only one layer, unlike the magnificent one in picture above.


12: Stand by for winter.

The planters at the foot of Sandy Lane have been cleared out and transformed from decorative objects into obstacles.


13: New plants for old.

The picture above seems to have spurred our Triv-Dem run council into action. Since it was posted, they've sent the gardeners out to restock the planters at the foot of Sandy Lane, converting them back from obstacles to ornaments.
   Although, the Highways Department hasn't felt the need to do anything about straightening the battered bollard on the traffic island.

Metcalfe Court

14: Metcalfe Court #1

A view of the western end of the site, which still looks pretty chaotic.

Metcalfe Court

15: Metcalfe Court #2

The eastern end of the site, which is the end that the developers would prefer people to see.

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