Incidental Pictures of Romiley, (Part 10)
A journey through time and space with a Canon digital camera

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 65: Back after a decade 

What happened at the end of September in 2012? The council sent its minions to Carlton Avenue to strip off the road surface:

And then apply a new surface layer: [thanks to BlackFlag News for these pix]

A decade later, the job is being done again, only the size of the stripper machine has increased from modest to mighty! Here's the collection lorry:

Road repair 1, Romiley, May 2022

The transfer process:

Road repair 2, Romiley, May 2022

And finally, the mighty machine with the bloke who tells the lorry when to move forward and stop to wait for another dose of strippings from the advancing mighty machine:

Road repair 3, Romiley, May 2022

Equipment parked up for the next day's resurfacing job, including Matty the resurfacer.

Road repair 4, Romiley, May 2022

Tuesday, hoovering up the loose bits before a sealing layer is sprayed on. The west side of the road has already received the first resurfacing layer.

Road repair 5, Romiley, May 2022

Feeding surfacing material to the spreader for the east side of the roadway:

Road repair 6, Romiley, May 2022

The spreader being fed:

Road repair 7, Romiley, May 2022

Resurfacing gets very steamy when it's raining!

Road repair 8, Romiley, May 2022

"Matty" applying the topcoat on Wednesday with the sun shining and tarmac resupply lorries parked up the road as far as the eye can see. Nice to see our money being spent on something useful after the 'speed cushion' shambles.

Road repair 9, Romiley, May 2022

A day later, they put the flags out to celebrate a successful refurb job!

Bunting, Romiley, 2nd June 2022


 66: Some change 

fuel prices Romiley, July 2022BP has been evicted from Romiley by a process of repainting. Esso has taken over the site of the petrol station and convenience store—but the fuel remained the same rip-off 189.9p and 199.9p per litre after the rebranding, which rather confirms that what comes out of pumps everywhere is the same stuff, even if different labels are applied to the storage canisters. Only the colour of the price display has changed—from BP green to Esso red.

BP gone, Esso in place, Romiley, July 2022


 67a: New amenity in Romiley 

Romiley's new lake, July 2022

Stockport council, in its infinite wisdom, decided to turn part of Compstall Road, the main artery through the village, into a lake near the entrance to Romiley Rec. Presumably, for the convenience of any passing ducks. Unfortunately, it developed a leak . . .

Romiley's new lake, July 2022

 67b: Reality check? Well, sort of . . . 

Romiley's new lake, July 2022A leak in Romiley's water supply occurred some time in the early hours of Wednesday, July 27th with very low water pressure as the dead giveaway. Anyone who ventured along the north side of Compstall Road had to dodge water sprays from moronic motorists on a stretch of pavement starting at the traffic island by the Stock Dove and extending along the entire frontage of the petrol station.
   The following day, the water pressure was much the same. An investigation during the afternoon revealed that Untied Utilities was either telling porkies about working on the leak or using an invisible crew. [see picture below]
   Using an invisible crew makes sense as it spares them the distraction of annoying questions from passers by. But the sense evaporates if the progress made turns out to be as invisible as the workpersons.
   That Network Plus completion date of 3/8/22 looked decidedly ominous, given the volume of treated and clean water that was gushing into drains, but things were back to normal, water pressure-wise, by 7 p.m. on Thursday.

Romiley's new lake, July 2022

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