Incidental Pictures of Romiley, (Part 8)
A journey through time and space with a Canon digital camera

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 51: Don't throw away that sledge just yet 

Despite the best efforts of the propagandists, the sky still goes white and we still wake up to find snow all over the place. That global warming desert hell is still just a fantasy.

Winter in Romiley, 2010


 52: Snowapples! 

Here's something you don't see often; unpicked and abandoned apples, upon which snow has landed and settled.

Snowapples, Romiley, 2010/11/30


 53: Winter won't go away 

Three years later, we're still getting snow at the start of the year, even if it is not being a nuisance when people are travelling around at Xmas. Sometimes, however, there is barely enough to make a snowman!

Snowman in Romiley, 2013

Sometimes, the weather makes more of an effort. This is a view up Carlton Avenue, looking toward the golf course.

Snow in, Romiley, 2013

And this is Romiley Park on the same day:

Snow in Romiley, 2013


 54: "Whose dog is that in our back garden" 

Urban foxes have been spotted in the village but usually at night. This one just strolled in to a back garden during the afternoon, parked itself in a sunny spot for a while and then strolled off again.

Visiting wildlife in Romiley, July 2013

A visitor of the more conventional sort from two years later:

Visiting cat in Romiley, July 2015


 55: Anyone spot which way it went? 

There was a shower of what looked like snowflakes on a July afternoon. Has the weather gone crazy? we asked ourselves. But the 'snow' turned out to be white feathers and not too long afterwards, a very grumpy looking young hawk was spotted perched on the fence, looking like it had failed to catch a collared dove for lunch.

A visiting hawk in Romiley in 2013

2015/01/29 & 2016/03/06

 56: Winter continues to show up in January and even later 

upper: January, this is a colour picture but things were so grey that you'd hardly know it.
lower: March, similarly grey.

Romiley, January 2015

Romiley, March 2016

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