Incidental Pictures of Romiley, (Part 3)
A journey through time and space with an Aiptek PenCam
featuring pictures left over from the lamp post study

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Double Crossing

23: At the Precinct – seeing double as far as places to cross the road go.

Is this Stockport's Triv-Dem dominated council trying to give the customers a choice of places to cross the road? Even if they are just 10 yards apart? It's probably a preparation for major excavations of Compstall Road from July to November to repair/replace old sewers. All the council has to do now is persuade the contractors not to dig in front of both crossings simultaneously.


Road Up 1

24: At the centre of Romiley village

The excavators have encroached onto both pavements at a place where, luckily, the pavements are particularly wide. The first picture [above] shows the sewer repair site from the south side of Compstall Road and the next picture [below] shows a view from the north side of the road.

Road Up 2

Lyme Grove planterSandy Lane planter

25: Planters later in the season

Having started with just one tier, the planter at the junction of Lyme Grove with Compstall Road (left) shot up abruptly last month. Similarly, the planters at the junction of Sandy Lane with Compstall Road (one of them shown right) was outfitted with a much fancier set of plants for the summer.

Drowned Park 1Drowned Park 2
Drowned Park 3

26: Rogue weather overflows River Rom!

Anyone wanting to enjoy the view from on one of the benches in Romiley's mini-park needed good pair of waders; or even a rowing boat; on this particular summer Friday. Heavy rain had been falling continuously throughout the morning and well into the afternoon.
   This flood was even more comprehensive than the one in April this year (see Section 20) but the mini-park was completely back to normal, apart from a little residual sogginess, by Saturday morning.

   Note: These pictures were taken at about 16:30 hours using a camera with a lot more megapixels than the usual pen camera.


below: Birch Vale Drive looking north

below: Compstall Road looking east

Birch Vale DriveCompstall Road

below: Greave, up at the top of Sandy Lane


below: The hills to the south of Romiley, looking down Sandy Lane

below: Heading up Werneth Low, looking west.

The hills to the south of RomileyHeading up Werneth Low

Road works, 24th OctoberRoad works, 24th October

27: A shift of focus

Having spent 4 months since the beginning of July digging up the south side of Compstall Road, the sewer repair crew shifted across to the north side towards the end of October. Views of the new deployment are shown above from the west (left) and the east (right). As the job is supposed to be completed by November 5th, they've got about a fortnight left to sort themselves out.

2004/10/24 & 2004/05/16
Horse chestnut at Hill StreetHorse chestnut at Hill Street

28: Value for money, tree-wise

Horse chestnut trees offer a longer, better display than oaks. The one at the junction of Stockport Road and Hill Street was still offering a big splash of colour in October (left) when the oak had lost all of its leaves. Back in May right), the horse chestnut put on a spectacular floral display while the oak's blossoms were fairly invisible.

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