Incidental Pictures of Romiley, (Part 2)
A journey through time and space with an Aiptek PenCam
featuring pictures left over from the lamp post study

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16: Carlton Avenue's rooftops

Here's another very red sky at night over Romiley, which is even more spectacular than the one in the first section.

New bollard and planter

17: The Highways Department gets the job done

After a couple of months, the battered bollard on the island at the junction of Compstall Road and Sandy Lane has been restored to its former vertical condition. The planters are also coming on nicely.

Sandy Lane

18: Sandy Lane

The junction with Compstall road, looking very wintry.

Carlton Avenue dug up

19: Carlton Avenue

In March, it was Carlton Avenue's turn to be assaulted comprehensively by contractors working on behalf of the gas company. They were replacing old iron pipes with plastic ones.

The park deluged

20: The Mini-Park at the junction of Sandy Lane with Compstall Road

Drainage has never been one of Romiley's strong points. April showers created a boating lake on the west side of the mini-park in addition to the usual Olympic swimming pool on the south side (nearer to the camera in this panoramic picture).

Sandy Lane planter 1Sandy Lane planter 2Lyme Grove planter

21: The Planters in full bloom

The pictures show the 2 planters at the junction of Sandy Lane with Compstall Road (Left & Centre) and the one at the junction of Lyme Grove with Compstall Road (Right), which has just a single tier this season.

2004/05/16 & 17
Sandy Lane, May

22: Green Romiley

Romiley can look almost wooded from certain angles, especially in spring and summer. These views show the junction of Sandy Lane with Compstall Road from the west (left); the same junction looking toward the east (below, left); and the approach to the station car park (below, right).

Sandy Lane, MaySandy Lane, May

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