Incidental Pictures of Romiley, (Part 5)
A journey through time and space with an Aiptek PenCam & an Olympus Digital – featuring pictures left over from the lamp post study and others

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Collapsed sign 2006/08/28

32: Compstall Road

A dramatic event at the August Bank Holiday weekend: fifty per cent of the advertising hoarding next to the railway bridge collapsed, blocking the pavement. Was it the product of yet another earthquakd? Closer inspection showed a wealth of well-rotted wood, which had surrendered to sheer old age.


Autumn colours 2006/11/13

33: The Colours of Autumn

The leaves leap off some shrubs, they linger for a while and turn very bright colours on others. Here is an example from Carlton Avenue.

Autumn colours 2006/11/13


34: Yellow Sky in the Morning

Taken at about eight o'clock in the morning, looking south along Birch Avenue from the petrol station on Compstall Road.

Red sky in the morning 2006/11/30


Romiley park flooded again

35: Different season, same consequences

Further to Section 31 in Part 4 (2006/05/20), the pictures were taken at about three o'clock in the afternoon after a lengthy period of rain. Drainage still isn't one of Romiley's strong points!

Romiley park flooded again


36: Pavement Politics – An instant summary of Romiley in the late spring of 2007

 • centre A view from the junction of Sandy Lane and Compstall Road of the extension-in-progress to Romiley school, which Stockport council tried to close (presumable in order to flog the site off to someone's brother-in-law), but which was kept open by parent-power;
 • left a new sign for the speed camera aimed at extracting cash from boy- and girl-racers on Sandy Lane; and
 • left foreground a bit of dodgy pavement, of which Romiley has so much. "There's more puddles than pavements when it rains" could easily be Romiley's motto.

School extension with speed camera sign 2007/05/20

36a: Pavement Politics – "A week's work and a month's inconvenience"

This is what happens when the council starts attacking the pavements in the centre of the village while continuing to ignore side streets (where people still pay the Council Tax) but which get nothing done from one decade to the next. The two pictures below were taken on a Sunday, which is why no work is going on, but the same total lack of activity can been seen on dry weekdays, when there is no reason for the job to be neglected.
   Romiley has been putting up with this job since the beginning of the May.

The array of barrier around the pavement replacement job in the centre of Romiley, 2007/05/20

below: This is what the chaos looks like on the north side of Compstall Road.

The jumble of stuff on the north side of Compstall Road, Romiley, 2007/05/20


37: More Pavement (& Road) Politics

Looking back to the summer of 2004, Stockport council has decided to revive its old idea from Section 3 of offering Romiley residents a choice of places to cross the road. The existing crossing point is where the red lights are, the rival crossing place (in the foreground) still has its lights hooded but the knobble tiles are ready to go in the pavement.

The rival crossings in the centre of Romiley 2007/06/15

There was a good downpour of rain on the 14th (a month's rain in a day in places) but the park was showing no signs of flooding the following day. But down the road a bit, on Stockport Road, things were very different. The picture below shows the vast puddle – something of boating lake proportions – at the bus stop by the Romiley Arms, where anyone wanting to get on a bus had to stand well back when it arrived!

The bus stop near the Romiley Arms 2007/06/15

Round the corner, the puddle stretched half way across Beech Lane and provided a nice reflection of the Liberal Club in the background.

The Liberal Club reflected in a vast puddle, Romiley 2007/06/15


38: The new crossing

This is what all the messing about was in aid of; a red-carpet street crossing just a few yards away from where the old one used to be.

the new crossing 2007/06/23

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